Great Britain

Institutional Set-up

The United Kingdom foreign assistance is provided by the Department for International Development (DFID), and Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).

Department for International Development (DFID) (http://www.dfid.gov.uk) is a part of the UK Government that manages Britain"s assistance to developing countries and works on reducing poverty in the world. DFID has two head offices (in London and East Kilbride, near Glasgow), 25 offices overseas and works directly in 150 countries world-wide, with a budget of nearly £4 billion in 2004. DFID works in partnership with governments, civil society, private sector and other stakeholders. In addition to the work as bilateral donor in certain countries, 43% of the total development assistance is allocated through multilateral institutions, including the World Bank, United Nations agencies and European Commission.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) (www.fco.gov.uk) funds and manages 233 embassies, high commissions, consulates and missions in international organisations. They are linked to the head office in London in a single, global network almost employing 6,000 UK-based staff and 10,000 local staff. Of its total budget amounting to over £ 1.5 billion, the FCO also funds the BBC World Service and the British Council, and pays UK participation in international organisations.

FCO is providing development assistance through the following programmes/funds:

1. Global Opportunity Fund (GOF)
2. Drugs and Crime Fund (DCF)
3. Good Governance
4. Scholarships and Fellowships
5. Public Diplomacy Challenge Fund
6. Global Conflict Prevention Pools

United Kingdom in the Republic of Macedonia

United Kingdom assistance in the Republic of Macedonia amounted to over £5 million is managed by the Department for International Development (DFID) and British Embassy in Skopje. The cooperation was focused on support to Public Administration Reform. The assistance in this segment was encompassed by the end of 2005 due to the global redistribution of the DFID activities to the poorest countries in the world.
The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and British Embassy in Skopje (www.britishembassy.gov.uk/macedonia) work with international and local partners to realise projects used to meet the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) objectives and strategic priorities.

FCO and the Embassy support projects in the following areas:

Support to democracy and good governance

Providing technical assistance and support to state institutions in order to assist in the reforms deriving from the EU integration process and NATO membership.

Consulting services for training/structuring and managing sectors and units engaged in the EU activities
Development of good governance, participation and accountable democracy
Support of activities relating to well informed citizens
Full implementation of the rule of law, support to efficient legislation, resources and techniques

Decentralisation – participation and accountability

Support to decentralisation through implementing projects on local level in the area of economy and employment, rule of law, community-focused services and harmonious interethnic relations.

Economic development

Assistance to local/regional administrations aimed at building the necessary legal framework, structures and qualifications to exercise economic development plans and to prepare economy-promoting initiatives.

Culture, media, sport and society

Promoting the United Kingdom as an open and tolerant society.

For more information on completed and underway projects visit the following link: www.sep.gov.mk/cdad


SEA contact persons:


Sofce Despotovska
Head of department for bilateral and multilateral assistance
e-mail: sofce.zafirovska@sep.gov.mk
phone: (02) 3200 243

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