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Glossary - Trilingual 01.11.2005
Glossary - Motor Vehicles 01.11.2005
Glossary - Chemistry 01.11.2005
EC Assessment mission ( peer based ) report on Justice, Freedom and Security in the Republic of Macedonia 01.11.2005
Manual for Translators on the EU Legal Acts 15.10.2005  
Technical Guidelines on the Translation Process of the EU Legal Acts 15.10.2005  
Presentation for Stabilisation and Association Agreement Between RM and EU 21.09.2005
Glossary of the EU institutions 13.09.2005
Glossary - III Agencies of the European Union 13.09.2005
Glossary - General Directorates and Services of the European Commission 13.09.2005
Programme for Cooperation with Emerging Markets - PSOM 21.07.2005  
Participation at tenders of the EU instruments: Phare, ISPA and SAPARD 21.07.2005  
Programme for short- and middle-term activities for creation of positive climate for the submitting of the application for membership in the EU 15.07.2005  
CARDS Annual Action Programme 2005 07.07.2005
Priorities for the UK Presidency of the EU 2005 01.07.2005
Guidance document: Кey questions related to import requirements and the new rules on food hygiene and official food controls 29.06.2005  
Information on the usage of twinning as a pre-accession instrument of the EU for the strenghtenning of the institutional capacities of the Republic of Macedonia 10.06.2005  
Institution Building in the framework of European Union Policies - A Reference Manual on Twinning Projects 15.05.2005
General introduction to Twinning Manual 15.05.2005
Bilateral Exchange 12.05.2005
Reform Challenges in the EU Accession Process 11.05.2005
The Twinning Thesaurus Database 10.05.2005
Introducing the Twinning instrument 10.05.2005
Twinning Project Activities 10.05.2005
CARDS Projects and ongoing Twinning projects 10.05.2005
Detailed project design 10.05.2005
Components of a twinning project 10.05.2005
Implementation of twinning projects 10.05.2005
Preparation of a Twinning Project 10.05.2005
Twinning project budget 10.05.2005
Мain changes to the Twinning manual resulting from the introduction of the Common twinning Manual for PHARE (TF), CARDS , MEDA and TACIS 10.05.2005
The TEMPUS programme - Guide for Applicants 01.05.2005
Operational Plan for Implementation of the Public Information and Communication Strategy for the Process of European Integration 2005 25.04.2005  
Copenhagen economic criteria 22.04.2005
The Instrument for Pre-accession 21.04.2005
EU funds for economic and social development 21.04.2005
Economic management and Aid Coordination Management training 21.04.2005  
Analisys and policy estimation 21.04.2005  
Communicating Policy Analysis 21.04.2005
Efficient use of foreign assistance 21.04.2005  
Policy creation and implementation 21.04.2005  
Sectoral and multi-sectoral policies 21.04.2005  
Monitoring and assesment 21.04.2005  
Requirements for Decentralised Management 20.04.2005
Memorandum of Understanding between The Government of the Republic of Macedonia and The Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on The Programme for Cooperation with Emerging Markets (PSOM) 15.04.2005
Preparations for a National Programme for Adoption of the Acquis (NPAA) 15.04.2005  
Legislation Databases 15.04.2005  
Structure of the NPAA and it"s chapters 15.04.2005  
The role of the ministries, working groups and SEI in the NPAA 15.04.2005
Food Safety 15.04.2005
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