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Technical Assistance for Supporting DIS Institutions

The project Technical Assistance for Supporting DIS Institutions funded by the European Union has started on 28th of June 2010 and will last for 16 months. It is contracted by the Delegation of the European Union and implemented by Lattanzio e Associati (Italy) in consortium with Formez PA (Italy).
The Contracting Authority is the Delegation of the European Union in Skopje.

The beneficiaries of the project are the NIPAC Office i.e the Secretariat for European Affairs, in charge for the technical implementation of the project and the Ministry of Finance, Central Financing and Contracting Department (CFCD) and the National Authorising Officer (NAO) together with the National Fund (NF).
The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the administrative capacity of the DIS key operating structure to cope with the requirements for programming, identification, implementation planning and management of EU funds under the IPA Regulation.

The purpose of this contract is as to assist NIPAC office, CFCD, NF/NAO, as well as SPOs of the Line Ministries in strengthening their capacities for effective and efficient implementation of assigned responsibilities for IPA.

A special focus will be put on performing staff practical functions related to programming of IPA, project document preparation, financial management, control activities and technical implementation of EU IPA funded projects.

The project is divided in 3 areas:

Area 1: Support to the Secretariat for European Affairs in its role as support to NIPAC
The Project will provide consultancy and advice on, among other, establishment of priorities, definition of strategies, tools for quality assurance, cross cutting issues and programming methodologies.

Area 2: Support to CFCD, NF and NAO
The project team will assist the CFCD, NF and NAO to apply the rules and procedures laid down in the Practical Guide and its future amendments for EU external aid contract procedures and in the administration of all phases of project activities.

Area 3: Support to SPOs and Line Ministries
This Area is dedicated to assess to which extent Line Ministries and SPOs can generate sound and mature project proposals and how to utilise at the best assistance programmed under IPA 2007-2013.

All coaching and mentoring activities are to be provided to the staff of the relevant administrations directly involved in EU Financial co-operation programmes and should be scheduled in such a way that the know-how can be immediately used in their practical work.

In implementing project activities, particular attention will be given to ensuring the sustainability and dissemination of project results.

Contact person:

Nevenka Stamenkovska
Senior Programme Officer (SPO)
Unit for Strategic planning, policymaking and monitoring
and technical implementation of EU projects
Tel: 02/3200-134

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