Criteria for obtaining fellowship 2008/2009

 To be eligible for granting postgraduate studies fellowship, the candidates should meet the following criteria:

- to be citizens of the Republic of Macedonia; - to confirm that they have started the registration procedure at postgraduate studies not exceeding  one academic year (up to 12 months, or up to 25 months for students in the Republic of Germany) at a higher education institution abroad with appropriate postgraduate studies programme, in the area of:  European law, economy, EU policies and/or multidisciplinary studies in EU/EI ; the candidates enrolled on specialised studies (such as competition policy, information technology, internal market, common agricultural policy, industrial policy, regional EU policy, intellectual property, customer protection, as well as other actual and specialised aspects of the EU legislation and policies) will be preferred;

- to possess university diploma on completed relevant undergraduate studies with high average; (not less than 8,00, students who are completing their studies can also submit application only if they manage to complete them until June 2008)

-excellent knowledge of English (the knowledge of other languages of the EU member states is considered an advantage)  
Application forms will not be considered of candidates, who:

- are in the course of postgraduate studies in the EU/EI field abroad;

- are completing postgraduate studies or have just completed their postgraduate studies in the field of EU/EI abroad (there is no possibility of retroactive payment);

- have already completed postgraduate studies and are applying for fellowship for other postgraduate studies;

- have started the enrolment procedure or have already enrolled for postgraduate studies in the field of EU/EI abroad, which last more than 12 months, or more than 25 months for studies in the Republic of Germany.

Note that:

- the candidates who have enrolled under fellowship higher than EUR 20.000 will co-finance the amount exceeding EUR 20.000;

- the selected candidates are obliged to work in public administration for at least 3 (three) years after completing their postgraduate studies.

     Persons already employed in state administration are encouraged to apply, being bound to compulsory continue working in the administration for at least 3 (three) years.

Which are the necessary documents? or What should the application include?

- filled in application form for the open competition for granting postgraduate studies fellowships in the field of EU;
- CV in Macedonian and English (EU format)
- link to the postgraduate studies programme – if there is no link or the programme is not described on Internet, list of subjects included in the programme
- letter of motivation, in English and Macedonian
- certification/communication for receipt of documents

Submission of the fellowship application form

     The Open Competition for granting fellowships was published in the public media and on the Internet site of the Secretariat for European Affairs www.sep.gov.mk/stipendii in the period April/May 2008. The candidates may submit the fellowship application forms with required documentation by e-mail on the following address stipendii@sep.gov.mk or by mail on the following address, marked:  

Government of the Republic of Macedonia
Secretariat for European Affairs
(Postgraduate EU/EI studies fellowship) 
Boulevard Ilinden bb 1000 Skopje

or they can personally submit in enclosed envelope to the Archive of the Secretariat for European Affairs within the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

What next?

     After the completion, the selected candidates sign a contract with the Secretariat for European Affairs of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia which obliges them to work in the state administration in a period of at least three years after completing postgraduate studies.

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